Gabriel Figueiredo & De Pino


Gabriel Figueiredo & De Pino

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We are happy to introduce one of our first speakers, Paris-based designer Gabriel Figueiredo, who is the founder of De Pino.

During our research, we had the chance to meet Gabriel and learn about his work and background. He told us about the convictions that inform his work, as well as the challenges and doubts that come with starting a brand that has a strong artistic vision. That moment we shared made us feel that we have a lot in common, and we’re very glad to have Gabriel joining us for the first talk.

His brand De Pino (est. 2020) explores femininity and seduction through freedom and surrealism. The core of the brand takes inspiration from naïve craftsmanship, clashing “couture” aesthetics with child doodles. De Pino’s joyful collections are built through the combination of a wide range of recycled materials with embroidery, crochet, and tailoring. The silhouettes are exaggerated and aim to reinvent and explore one’s gender identity.

You can learn more from the website of De Pino at

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