A list of free & freeish learning resources by Alexis Buehrer

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A list of free & freeish learning resources by Alexis Buehrer

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Ongoing list of free resources by Alexis Buehrer

Shortly after the first HAVE/NEED Forum we met Alexis Buehrer, a Lisbon-based sustainability specialist, who kindly offered to share her collection of "free and freeish learning resources to start your journey in sustainability and circularity in fashion".

We hope that we can make it grow with your help, so please feel free to make a profile to the forum and add your own to this thread.

Alexis Buehrer is a menswear designer and specialist in sustainability in fashion. After 12 years of working with both small-scale brands and major corporations ranging from Surface to Air to Coach, she shifted her focus towards sustainability and circularity. Today, Alexis is utilizing her expertise to bring a positive impact on the industry, society and the environment, while also helping other designers and brands to achieve the same objectives.

You can follow Alexis at instagram here and visit here website here.



Slow factory
Free and accessible climate education series that centers the voices and perspectives of People of the Global Majority. 3 major lenses—human rights, climate justice and collective liberation.
Online courses, work by semester

Future learn - London College of Fashion
Get an introduction to issues, agendas, and contexts relating to fashion and sustainability.
Online course
https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/fas ... ainability

Redress - Hong Kong
Deepen your knowledge of circular fashion design strategies and techniques.
They are research hub as well and have an award for emergent designers.
Online course

The UN has free courses online for a more sustainable life
https://www.unssc.org/courses/my-sustai ... hallenge-0

Unschools - how to rethink design for sustainability
How to integrate sustainability and circularity in the design process
(Scholarship available, and there is a lot of free resources, and you can follow her on Linkedin and get a lot of info)

Circular fashion - WagenIngen Research and University
Online course - Deadline to respect, final project to present (mandatory to get the certificate)
https://www.edx.org/course/circular-fas ... ngindustry
(Scholarship available for the certificate)

Climate Tech Bootcamp
Climate and Tech focus, very wide type of industries, good network.
Good if you have a start up in the climate realm and need some help.
Online - one month, classes/speakers twice a week.
(Scholarship available)

Vorn - The Berlin Fashion Hub
Offer a training/contest/residency around sustainability and fashion.
During the training we had access to 3D programs, courses on digital questions and the metaverse, and circularity.
10 weeks, classes 2h twice a week, project to submit (not mandatory)

Common Objective
Community platform for professional in sustainable fashion - offer quick courses about sustainability and fashion subjects


Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Fashion Revolution + follow the local organization

Leyla Acaroglu that founded Unschools with Emma Siegel

Samantha Taylor who founded The Good Factory


Fashion for Good

Business of Fashion - Report
https://www.businessoffashion.com/repor ... -mckinsey/

New transversal project for circular fashion in Portugal

Good test to do to make a small personal assessment

You can subscribe to the forum and add yours to the thread ;)
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Re: A list of free & freeish learning resources by Alexis Buehrer

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From Unschool, Leyla Acaroglu and Emma Segal are proposing online courses on demand.
Here is their free circular business redesign kit, for all industries, not only fashion.
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Re: A list of free & freeish learning resources by Alexis Buehrer

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Leading From the Emerging Future
This course is an introduction to a method called Theory U, developed at MIT, for leading big changes in business, government, and civil society contexts worldwide. Building your capacity to lead transformative change in the process.
(Free, but need to pay for certificate)
https://courses.mitxonline.mit.edu/lear ... T2023/home
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