Roll in Circles (video)

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Roll in Circles (video)

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Roll in Circles by Have/Need
Video, 2:22 min.
Directed by Aapo Nikkanen & Léa Domingues
Poem and reading by Fran
Original music by River Yarra
Edited by Mariia See

Roll in Circles explores the notions of documentation from different perspectives. The baseline of the video is a poem written by FRAN, a Paris-based poet and musician, whom Nikkanen and Domingues invited to document the HAVE/NEED Forum in the form of a poem. FRAN’s reading is mixed with the original music from River Yarra, who was invited to compose a score for the same event. The visuals of the video are sourced from the author’s personal archives, inviting the viewer to a meditative trip toward the emotions the co-authors have shared during the project.

See it here: